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With our mobile windshield services – we provide excellent work by one of our trained & certified professionals at a much lower price than the national companies.  And no weird extra fees like they charge.

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Let’s face it – here in Las Vegas there is construction going on just about everywhere you go.  This can be a definite hazard to your vehicle causing you to need windshield repair or even windshield replacement.  How many times have you been driving down the road or even freeway and you end up behind one of those large trucks full of gravel with no tarp covering.  Of course, it’s going to happen that one of those little pebbles gets knocked out and there you are with a damaged windshield.  Here at Speedy Windshield Repair Las Vegas, we are your go to source for any windshield issues you may have.  Whatever your windshield needs, we’ll come to you to fix them.

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Our biggest treasure is happy clients.  If you love us – let us know!  If you have any doubt in the work we’ve done for you – let us know and we’ll make it right. 

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Happy Clients

I’ve been working so much lately and I needed to get my windshield looked at.  The guys at Speedy’s came to my job and took care of everything.  I didn’t even have to go outside as they came to me to get my keys.  They were fast and well priced.

I was so happy with Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement.  My technician came out super fast as I was so upset that my windshield cracked and I wanted it replaced quick.  He actually told me he could simply repair it rather than replace it….and BOOM!  It was done.  Saved me time and money!

I was so nervous that the windshield needed to be replaced and I was short on cash.  The secretary at Speedy Windshield Repair shop took care of everything and handled my insurance company.  I didn’t have to pay a dime…..thank you guys so much!

Mobile Windshield Repair Las Vegas

When do you need to have your windshield repaired?

Here at Speedy Window Repair and Replacement in Las Vegas, we care about the service that we provide.  We definitely don’t want to do window replacement when all you needed was our window repair services.  We often get asked how our technicians can tell what needs to get repaired and what needs to be replaced.  That’s why our staff is highly trained and educated in window repair.  Each technician is certified with the National Windshield Repair Division so that they have the latest and most up to date information in windshield repair.  You can be absolutely satisfied that our skilled staff will do their best to take care of the problem.

Guidelines to go by deciding if your windshield repair will be efficient

These are some facts in regards to if the windshield repair job will actually be sufficient.  Our repair team can pretty much fix any chips that are less than 1 inch in diameter and cracks that are not over 3 inches in length.  A crack that is over the size of a dollar bill will most likely not be able to have window repair done on it.  Therefore, size is a huge determining factor when it comes to window repair. Visit our About page for more information.

Other factors that determine if your windshield should be repaired or replaced

There are obviously other factors that come in to play when it comes down to repair or replace.  First and most importantly is the size of the crack or chip.  The type of the chip or crack matters as well as the depth and the actual location of the damage.  If a chip or crack is too close to the edges of the windshield, the window will not be able to be repaired.  A successful windshield repair job also depends on the age of the chip or crack – amount of contamination – the location – and how serious the damage is.

Your time is important to us so we always get the windshield repair job done right the first time

Our professional window repair team must evaluate several factors before determining if the repairs can be done.  Each window repair scenario is different and each one is evaluated on an individual basis.  Our techs will decide based on not only their skill level with the equipment, but also where the crack or chip is and if it will be a successful repair.  We don’t want to ever get into a windshield repair job only to realize an hour later that it really needed to be replaced.  Your time and ours is too valuable so it’s important that we make the right call the first time.

How long am I able to drive my vehicle with a crack or chipped windshield?

Our phones are ringing all the time with the same question – “how long can I drive my car with a cracked windshield?”  That’s a great question.  There are several important points that come into the equation as to how long you can drive before getting a windshield repair job done.  You have to remember and use common sense as your windshield is dealing with all of the outside elements every time you drive the vehicle.  Things like rain, snow and wind – basically outdoor weather – will determine the length of time you can drive your car without a window repair.

4 major key factors that go into when to get your windshield repaired

The other question you have to ask yourself as to how long you can go without getting a windshield repaired is – “Is it safe to drive with this windshield damaged?”  So here are four different key factors that you need to go over before continuing driving:


  • The location of the crack or chip
  • How bad is the damage
  • Is the crack spreading

Size is obviously a factor in whether you will need windshield repair or not.  Did you know that most states actually have laws in place for driving with a crack in your windshield.  But if the crack is small enough that you can’t see it, you should be just fine.

Location – well this is obvious.  If the crack or chip is on the passenger side of the vehicle, there probably isn’t a sense of urgency.  However, if the crack is on the drivers side, you need to consider windshield repair sooner than later.  The last thing you need to happen is have that crack or chip start to get larger and make your driving be impaired.

To what extent is the damage of the crack or chip is another factor.  If the damage isn’t that bad in the beginning that is great.  However, the longer you don’t fix it, the more you run the risk of it getting bigger and not being able to repair the windshield at all.  Now, you are in a spot where you have to totally replace it.  Why wait, windshield repair is almost always covered by your insurance so don’t mess with getting into a bad situation.

If the crack is spreading, again, this can lead to total replacement and possibly waiting time for your specific windshield to be delivered.  Windshield repair is much more simple and affordable hands down than having the whole thing replaced.

All of the above reasons are ones that are telling you to not drive or use your vehicle if you have a cracked or chipped windshield.  It’s really not worth the risk and again – it’s highly likely your vehicles insurance will cover the whole windshield repair job.  If that’s the case and you don’t have to come out of pocket one dollar, why wouldn’t you get the repairs done.  We’re simply a phone call away and we love to work by your schedule.  Our team is fast and friendly and always on time so you never have to stress if your schedule is busy. 

Reasons to use Speedy Windshield Repair for your windshield here in Las Vegas

Since Speedy Window Repair and Replacement is locally owned and operated right here in Las Vegas, we can get your repairs done fast.  That’s why are name is “Speedy”!  Get you in – take care of the window repair – and get you back out on the road doing what you do best.  We hope that if you have windshield issues that you give us a call.  We’ll be happy to send a technician out to give you a free – no obligation estimate.  We’ll also give your insurance a call for no fee so that you don’t have to spend a dime.  Now how’s that for service.  Give us a call today or visit our contact page and let’s get started.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Speedy Window Repair & Replacement is to definitely keep our customers satisfied with outstanding customer service and live by the word “Speedy”.  Get your repair or replacement scheduled and get it done as soon as possible.  Your safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.

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