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With our mobile windshield services – we provide excellent work by one of our trained & certified professionals at a much lower price than the national companies.  And no weird extra fees like they charge.

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Let’s face it – here in Las Vegas there is construction going on just about everywhere you go.  This can be a definite hazard to your vehicle causing you to need windshield repair or even windshield replacement.  How many times have you been driving down the road or even freeway and you end up behind one of those large trucks full of gravel with no tarp covering.  Of course, it’s going to happen that one of those little pebbles gets knocked out and there you are with a damaged windshield.  Here at Speedy Windshield Repair Las Vegas, we are your go to source for any windshield issues you may have.  Whatever your windshield needs, we’ll come to you to fix them.

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Our biggest treasure is happy clients.  If you love us – let us know!  If you have any doubt in the work we’ve done for you – let us know and we’ll make it right. 

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I’ve been working so much lately and I needed to get my windshield looked at.  The guys at Speedy’s came to my job and took care of everything.  I didn’t even have to go outside as they came to me to get my keys.  They were fast and well priced.

I was so happy with Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement.  My technician came out super fast as I was so upset that my windshield cracked and I wanted it replaced quick.  He actually told me he could simply repair it rather than replace it….and BOOM!  It was done.  Saved me time and money!

I was so nervous that the windshield needed to be replaced and I was short on cash.  The secretary at Speedy Windshield Repair shop took care of everything and handled my insurance company.  I didn’t have to pay a dime…..thank you guys so much!

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Speedy is the experts for windshield replacement here in Las Vegas – hands down!

Let us be the experts for you when it comes to windshield replacement on cracked or chipped windshields.  Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement really are the experts in the windshield replacement industry.  With over 20 years of experience in the field and the latest and greatest tools and technology, we are your go to source for window replacement.  We get the job done just like the name of our company says – “Speedy”.  Our friendly call center will get your appointment scheduled so that it is convenient for you.  We are always on time and we come to you.  No more sitting in waiting rooms while your windshield replacement job is being done.  We will handle everything that you need.

Rule of thumb when it comes down to when you will need your windshield repaired or replaced.

The rule of thumb in regards to needing a windshield replacement is if you have three or more cracks, the windshield really cannot withstand additional pressure.  Also, if the crack is over 12-14 inches, it’s going to need to be replaced.  Even though the State of Nevada does not have any laws regarding window replacement, they will pull you over for having an obstructed view if the cracks or chips are obvious.  Don’t take chances and schedule your windshield replacement as soon as possible.  Most of the time, your auto insurance policy will handle the fees for windshield replacement.  However, sometimes there may be a small deductible.  Our friendly in house staff will always be happy to check out what your insurance will or will not pay on your behalf.

When is it safe to drive my car after getting a windshield replacement done?

Can I drive my vehicle after getting a windshield replacement?  That is a great question and obviously one that we get quite frequently.  The answer is yes.  Here at Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement, we utilize the best materials possible.  This includes the industry’s best adhesive materials that will basically allow you to drive your vehicle within one hour of the windshield replacement.  That is awesome compared to just a couple of years ago when you had to wait at least a full 24 hours after having a windshield replacement job.  It is really awesome how technology has evolved in our business and we are always learning and implementing new tools and equipment into our windshield replacement jobs.

Frequently asked questions when it comes to windshield replacement:

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive when we are scheduling a windshield replacement job. 

Will the windshield replacement technician attempt to call me prior to the scheduled appointment?

Absolutely!  Speedy’s’ techs always give an estimate of their arrival time at least a half hour prior to the scheduled appointment.

What if I can’t answer the phone at my work and the technician cannot reach me?

That’s not a problem as they will make every attempt to either call all numbers available or even send a text or email or visit our contact page.  No worries, we will do everything possible when it comes to your windshield replacement appointment.

Does the technician need the keys to my car in order to do a windshield replacement job?

In order to confirm that everything is working after having the job done, the technician will need your keys to the vehicle.  Don’t worry though, all of our techs have been majorly screened for safety purposes and your car and any belonging inside are all in good hands. 

Will my car need to be in a covered area in order to have the windshield replaced?

That is a tricky question.  Here in Las Vegas, the weather is usually okay to have your windshield replaced in an unprotected area.  Of course if the sky’s are cloudy or it is colder than usual then yes – we will need to find some type of shelter to do the windshield replacement,

If I’m at work or need to leave during the procedure – can I leave or do I have to wait?

All that we ask here at Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement is that you make sure and have the keys to the vehicle available once the technician arrives.  There is really no need for you to stick around while we are doing the work.  We’ve got you covered on that.

Will my insurance company cover the windshield replacement?

As long as you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, you should be good to go.  Our staff in the office is really good at finding out all of that information prior to the appointment so you will have a good idea of what to expect financially when the job is completed.

If I use my insurance to cover a windshield replacement for my vehicle, will that be a hit on my insurance and make my rates go up?

Great question and one that we will make sure to find the answer for you prior to your appointment.  Most insurance providers to not count windshield replacement against your policy.  They understand that most of the time in these situations, it was not the fault of the driver.  We will always check with your specific insurance company to verify that before we arrive.

If I only have liability insurance, will that cover the windshield replacement fees?

Liability insurance does not cover the fees for that procedure but here at Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement we accept cash, checks and all major credit cards so you should be good to go.

Do I need to contact my insurance agent before you guys do the work?

Nope.  We’ve got you covered.  We are the experts when it comes to insurance and windshield replacement issues.  Our experienced staff have been working with just about every insurance company in town and we know just how to handle all of our claims.

Safety of you and your vehicle is always top priority for Speedy here in Las Vegas

We hope that these questions and answers help you in advance and encourage you to schedule your windshield replacement today.  Your safety is always priority when it comes to driving your vehicle and we want to get you back out on the road as soon as possible.  Yes, we are fast to replace your windshield and that’s where our name “Speedy” comes from.  Give us a call today and our friendly call center will be happy to schedule an appointment for your windshield replacement job at your convenience.  Oh, and yes, if our technician arrives to find that you only need a windshield repair – no worries as we guarantee all of our work and don’t want to charge you extra money for a service you don’t need.  You can trust you are in good hands with our team. Visit our About us page to learn more about our company.

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