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With our mobile windshield services – we provide excellent work by one of our trained & certified professionals at a much lower price than the national companies.  And no weird extra fees like they charge.

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Let’s face it – here in Las Vegas there is construction going on just about everywhere you go.  This can be a definite hazard to your vehicle causing you to need windshield repair or even windshield replacement.  How many times have you been driving down the road or even freeway and you end up behind one of those large trucks full of gravel with no tarp covering.  Of course, it’s going to happen that one of those little pebbles gets knocked out and there you are with a damaged windshield.  Here at Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement in Las Vegas, we are your go to source for any windshield issues you may have.  Whatever your windshield needs, we’ll come to you to fix them.

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Our biggest treasure is happy clients.  If you love us – let us know!  If you have any doubt in the work we’ve done for you – let us know and we’ll make it right. 

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I’ve been working so much lately and I needed to get my windshield looked at.  The guys at Speedy’s came to my job and took care of everything.  I didn’t even have to go outside as they came to me to get my keys.  They were fast and well priced.

I was so happy with Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement.  My technician came out super fast as I was so upset that my windshield cracked and I wanted it replaced quick.  He actually told me he could simply repair it rather than replace it….and BOOM!  It was done.  Saved me time and money!

I was so nervous that the windshield needed to be replaced and I was short on cash.  The secretary at Speedy Windshield Repair shop took care of everything and handled my insurance company.  I didn’t have to pay a dime…..thank you guys so much!

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Mobile Windshield Repair & Windshield Replacement Las Vegas

All of our window repair and window replacement technicians are fully licensed and bonded so you can rest assured that you are getting qualified service.  All of our techs have been certified through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence to ensure you get the best windshield service that is possible.  We also require that our service employees that do windshield repair and windshield replacement get certified through NWRD (National Window Repair Division).  We strive to make sure that our staff has the latest technology and training in regards to windshield repair. You can also visit our About page for more information.

What’s the best reason to hire Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement here in Las Vegas? 

Well, that is simple.  We have the friendliest customer service team answering all of our phone calls 24 hours a day.  They will work with your schedule for your window repair appointment.  And you don’t have to drive all over town to get your windshield fixed as our technicians will all come to you.  Yes, that’s what we do – we are completely mobile and will make sure to have all of the necessary tools to repair your windshields.  Whether it’s a car, motorcycle, RV or boat, we are ready to fix all of your windshield repair needs.

Here are a couple reasons we can help you with in regards to unexplained window cracks.  Most vehicle owners think about window damage coming from a misguided baseball, rocks thrown from another car or even a fallen tree.  However, this is not always the case.  Here are some other issues that can cause your windshield damage:

Drastic Temperature Differences

As we spoke about earlier, here in Las Vegas we really have a broad spectrum of temperatures from Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  This really doesn’t help windshields here whatsoever and keeps our customers calling for our windshield repair and windshield replacement services.

Pressure and Stress

Being that windshields are made of glass and plastic materials, they are obviously not able to handle too much pressure.  Extra pressure applied to areas of a windshield may easily cause cracks in that particular area,  Pressure doesn’t mean just someone leaning on your windshield or a golfball flying into it.  Pressure can come from natural sources such as you driving down the highway in a very windy area.  Believe it or not, the wind coming at your vehicle can increase pressure very easily and cause stress on the windshield causing it to crack.  Our team is available for any and all of your windshield repair and windshield replacement needs.  We’ll come to you and our experts will decide at that time whether you windshield needs to be replaced or simply repaired.  You can always count on Speedy Windshield Repair and Replacement of Las Vegas.

A lot of our customers don’t know why the windshield cracked.

Again, with everything under construction here in Las Vegas, it’s very easy to have a rock or sharp object to be popped up from the roads here.  There is also another factor that comes into play when it comes to window repair and that is the extreme temperatures that we have.  Las Vegas has on average summer temperatures well over 100 degrees and maxing out even near 118 degrees to 120.  Our winters can get rather chilly as well with lows below freezing from time to time.  This fluctuation of temperatures can just wreak havoc on car windshields as you well may imagine.  Sunlight is another big factor when it comes to windshield repair or windshield replacement.  The sun heats the metal on the edges of the windshield faster than the middle of the window causing it to crack much easier.

We understand that time is important to everyone as well as safety. 

Let’s talk about those two factors and how we strive to be the best windshield repair and windshield replacement company here in Southern Nevada.  First off, our team is trained and highly understands the scheduling of an appointment.  If for any reason our staff is not available to keep your appointment, our customer service team will be quick to give you a call well before your scheduled time so that we can reschedule for another time that works for you. 

Safety you ask. 

Safety is one of our biggest concerns for our company.  Any of our windshield repair or windshield replacement technicians have all gone extreme background checks as well as intensified drug screenings.  You will never have to worry about our team and your safety.  We understand that is a huge issue, especially for someone like a single lady driving out on the highway by herself or even with her children.  We get it and we check and double check to make sure you are always going to be safe.

The answer is always yes. 

We take all major types of insurance and are constantly working with insurance companies when it comes to window repair or window replacement.  In fact, most of our services are fully covered by your insurance so you don’t even have to come out of pocket one dime.  In this day and age, money is important and we want to help save you as much as we can.  Give us a call today or visit our Contact page to schedule your window repair or window replacement service with our team.  We’ll always be happy to help.

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