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Here’s what we’re about….I was a military kid back in the day and my Dad got transferred out to Las Vegas at Nellis Air Force Base when I was in high school.  My sophomore year to be exact. 

I didn’t have a job and was able to get hired with a guy in my neighborhood that did mobile detail on cars and RV’s.  He even went and washed boats out at Lake Mead.  I got that first job and really saw the value of the mobile service industry.  I worked for my neighbor all the way through college and kept saving all the money for my future.  One thing that I realized is that a lot of the cars, boats and RV’s we were cleaning had major chips or cracks in the windshield or even side windows.

That really triggered my thoughts as to how these people were going to get their auto glass repaired or replaced in a mobile situation like I was already doing.  I actually googled how to get certified in window repair or window replacement and I just jumped in to start my own business.  I signed up for all the necessary certifications that I could get, established a business license and insurance and I was on my way. 

Needless to say, I have really worked hard and invested all my time and dollars into making my dreams come true.  Now, I have a full team of certified technicians out there working for me and keeping our brand strong. 

Our Mission

Our mission here at Speedy Window Repair & Replacement is to definitely keep our customers satisfied with outstanding customer service and live by the word “Speedy”.  Get your repair or replacement scheduled and get it done as soon as possible and visit our Contact page.  Your safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.

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